It has been 4 years since Timcast Forever Pipe was installed at Alcoa’s alumina refinery in Western Australia and VEEM’s latest inspection has found they are still in the same condition as when they were installed 4 years ago!

The battle for managing abrasive erosion in slurry pipes is an issue facing refinery engineers all over the world and the Timcast Forever Pipe with its metallurgical bonded dual alloy has offered a long lasting solution for refineries all over the world.

“These spools are on their 4th campaign and are still not showing any major signs of wear,” comments Timcast Forever Pipe Development Manager Filko Bavcevic, “Given that previous hardface weld overlay lasted less than one campaign, we are extremely happy with this result.”

The pipe spools, which are a bi-metal, centrifugally cast pipe, have an inner layer that can withstand the rigors of the abrasive slurry and an outer carbon steel layer that are pressure compliant to various pipe codes, with the added advantage of being able to be welded, cut and ultrasonically thickness tested for wear.

The result at Alcoa has demonstrated huge cost reductions of up to 92% of through life costs when compared to their previous hard facing methods, cutting the costs of downtime, repairs and replacement dramatically. “We predict these spools will continue to remain in this condition for another 10 years” Filko comments, “and we can continually perform thickness checking to monitor the wear of the pipes in-service throughout that life”.

Timcast Forever Pipe offers the unique opportunity for customers to be able to ultrasonically thickness test every pipe whilst in-service. This has vastly increased the time between shuts and reduced down time for inspections.