Timcast centrifugally cast hollow bar is the most versatile source of material available to engineers in every industry whether it be production, fabrication or maintenance. The centrifugal process makes it practical and economic to supply short or long runs in almost any material specification with a wide range of outside diameters and wall thicknesses.

Once a bar has been poured and has solidified, there is an opportunity to create another bar of a differing alloy within that existing bar. Poured at a critical temperature to create a metallurgical bond, this is known as duo or bi-metal bar and can be created to withstand particular corrosive or abrasive environments with the inner bar, whilst meeting a range of containment requirements with the outer bar. Once again there is the advantage of  being able to choose differing alloys for the outer and inner bars to suit each individual industry application.


Wear resistant slurry pipe

“Forever Pipe” has been specifically developed for the alumina processing industry where weld cladded pipe has been the standard. Being able to choose particular alloys for the inner pipe to cope with highly abrasive and corrosive slurries and to have a pressure vessel approved outer pipe has led to a much better solution for the alumina industry. A solution that cuts through life costs by up to $92%. “Forever Pipe” is rapidly becoming the new standard for wear pipe in the alumina processing industry.

The same approach has been used by the nickel, gold and iron processing industries to increase the operating productivity of the plant and significantly reduce operating costs.

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Wear resistant pipe liners

VEEM Limited manufacture Timcast  “Centri Bar” to create wear resistant pipe liners  to stop premature wear from all types of abrasive slurries.  The replaceable internal pipe liner is a relatively new refinery solution to increase the life of wear pipes and reduce pipe maintenance.  The wear resistant liners can be supplied in a range of different shapes and sizes including end pieces or flat plate and birds beak shapes to achieve T joints.

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Shaft Sleeves

Often shafts require wear resistant or load bearing sleeves to be fitted at some point along the shaft. These are manufactured and heated to be fitted in place. VEEM Ltd can supply the Timcast range of “Centri Bar” to the exact material specification required, in the sizes that can be economically machined to fit.

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Ball valves

The spherical balls and the shaft sleeves used in ball valves are commonly manufactured from centrifugally cast alloys. Valve operate in a wide variety of applications and a great deal of research time is spent by manufacturers and users developing and testing specialised materials to give the greatest performance for specific valve applications. Timcast “Centri Bar” is the perfect solution for turning this development into reality. There is no compromise related to material selection or sizes required.

Timcast “Centri Bar” can be manufactured to suit a large range of sizes and over 250 different material specifications.

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Wear Rings & Seals

Pump wear rings and seals are a pump’s main wearing components and one of the secrets of a pumps success. A great deal of research time is spent by manufacturers and users developing and testing specialised materials to give the greatest performance for specific pump applications. Timcast “Centri Bar” is the perfect solution for turning this development into reality. There is no compromise relating to material selection or sizes required and the ultimate pump performance can be achieved.

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Radiant Tubes

Radiant tubes are used mainly in the heat treating, steel and aluminium industries. By carefully selecting metallurgical properties so the hollow bar can achieve extra high temperatures, high loading and long life can be achieved. Timcast “Centri Bar” is an ideal solution for radiant tubes, as the manufacturing process eliminates weak spots caused through welded seams.

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Bushes and Bearings

Bushes and bearing are required to be manufactured to such a wide variety of sizes that finding mill manufactured bearing and bush material is very difficult and usually requires a large amount to be purchased and involves a significant delivery delay.

As Timcast “Centri Bar” is manufactured from raw materials stocks kept on site. Bearing and bush blanks can be manufactured in short lead times and to a large range of sizes in quantities as little as “one off”.

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Reformer Tubes

Reformer tubes normally used in the refining, petrochemical and fertilizer industries are manufactured by the centrifugal casting process and heat-resistant austenitic alloys such as HK -40, HP-40, and HP -Niobium modified materials. Process gas is passed under pressure through vertical tubes filled with catalyst and, since high temperatures (up to 950 C) are required to maintain the required chemical reaction, the outside of the tubes are heated by burners in a large furnace.

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Gas burner tubes

Used mainly in industrial furnaces and kilns as well as commercial ovens and dryers, gas burners are ideal for metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), automotive, ceramics, textiles, wood, paper, and food processing industries. These burners also provide outstanding performance in thermal after-burning plants, hot air generators, and dryers. Gas burner tubes are operate at temperatures up to 100C and are usually cast centrifugally from hear resistant materials.

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Furnace Rolls

Furnace rolls are used to designed to carry the full weight of the processed slab during the manufacturing process.  With rolling temperatures of up to 1000C, furnace rolls see one of the harshest environments for any cast steel or alloy fabrication. Rollers also play a key role in shaping metal or transporting metal during the manufacturing process.

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